Temari Rabbit 2-Tier Bento #71

Having concluded that I need to try to get myself out of a rut, I decided to make this very odd looking meal. I had bought some ground pork on sale for 99 cents per pound and needed to find a recipe for it; Going Solo in the Kitchen had this recipe for a Chinese-inspired pork meatballs-and-cabbage dish. They are more like patties than meatballs and this doesn't look like much, I'll grant you, but it was amazing. I had it with rice and a cup of applesauce with cranberry relish added for color.

Cooked cabbage isn't exactly pretty, but I love it in almost every iteration. For some reason, however, I rarely cook cabbage myself--maybe because, cheap though it may be, a whole head of cabbage is a bit much for one person.


  1. It doesn't look odd, it looks quite nice especially with your description.

    Sorry, I don't comment much on your blog because I am mostly using the Wordpress reader on my phone, which doesn't allow me to comment on blogspot easily, but I do admire your lunches and the frequent blog posts.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy it even though I'm not so artistic as you are.


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