KOSOX 2-Tier Sushi Box #19

I had to go to a potluck. And it was definitely not a vegan potluck, and I didn't know most of the people, so I wanted to go with something I thought was safe. Well, who objects to veggie sushi? Surely most people would like that. And I had everything on hand to make it, which meant I was a frugal success. (Except, I later discovered, the nori, but that was easy to get.) And I proceeded to make a sushi feast to share. Well, somewhere between sushi and kimbap, which is Korean and very much like sushi, and in my experience always involves pickled daikon radishes.

And so there were pickled daikon radishes, and cucumber, and carrots, and avocado. And I even made the avocado rolls inside out and covered them in black sesame seeds. It wasn't perfect but it was really pretty!

The rolls I made that included all four fillings were the very best sushi I've ever made, hands down.

And then nobody ate them except my friend and me, and I had tons left over. And thus, this lunch, even though leftover sushi leaves something to be desired:

Some people, it turns out, refuse to try sushi under any circumstances. Those people made me sad.


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