ECO Lunchbox Three-in-One #58

This does not look like much, but the recipe I used for this is practically life changing: Chick-fil-A Tofu Nuggets with Vegan Honey Mustard Sauce and a salad of iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, kalamata olives, and a little cup of Bac'n Pieces. (I used the sauce as the salad dressing, too.)

The tofu nuggets are marinated in pickle juice. It seemed like something wise and frugal, because I would otherwise just throw out pickle juice. But it made me instantly sad, because I will never have enough pickle juice to make this as much as I want. The leftovers are better heated in a toaster oven than a microwave, and really should be reheated because cold they are nothing to write home about, but you can't have everything all the time.

Incidentally, this is also gluten free.

The honey (really agave) mustard sauce, however, I can make anytime, and will make as a salad dressing more often. It's a nice, creamy change of pace, albeit an alarmingly yellow one.


  1. Make up a big batch of pickling brine and let it sit in the fridge until needed.

    1. But for it to taste right I'd have to make pickles! The cucumbers do change the taste. But maybe I could try it sometime, anyway.


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