LunchBots Quad #13

Some LÄRABAR bites, blueberries, Rainier cherries, and seaweed-rice cracker snacks.

The LÄRABAR bites were on sale, so I gave them a try--and as usual, if I were up to cooking or even pretty minimal food prep (I will have an update/explanation on that in a few weeks--sorry if that's cryptic but that's what I've got right now) they would have been better if I'd made them myself (and considerably cheaper, probably). But they were good enough, and I got through my day.


  1. What a great combination of snacks! I like the Larabar bites (what flavor did you get?) and I can't even tell you how happy it makes me to see that seaweed snacks all lined up and beautiful.

    I hope that you will feel better soon!

    1. Ha! Yes, I line up my seaweed snacks...

      The LÄRABAR bites were the chocolate macaroons. I liked them fine and I finished the package, but I really prefer to make those sorts of things myself--they're pretty easy and usually pretty cheap!

    2. I definitely think homemade is better too. If they are on sale it's not too bad but the regular price for the bites is a bit ridiculous.


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