Thermos 3-Tier Bento #13

Gardein chik'n pasta Florentine, garlic toast, and Rainier cherries.

I know the price of those frozen skillet meals is a tiny bit absurd. But I'm doing what I have to do right now, and there are veggies and protein in them, and hey, they're cheaper than a meal out.


  1. Rainier Cherries are my FAVE...but also quite expensive here...sigh...your meal looks AWESOME!

  2. I added you to my links! Thanks for swinging by and commenting, too!

  3. This looks like such a great combination! I've heard mixed reviews of the skillet meals, how did you like it? They are pricey but sometimes it is worth the price for convenience.

    1. I liked them fine. They weren't as good as something similar I might make on my own, but that's the case for all sorts of frozen stuff, isn't it? I use things like this for the same category as fast food: If you really can't do it for yourself at a given time, then pull it out of the freezer. If you can, then just cook!

      But what I will also say is that they would have helped immensely in my early transitional period, when I was in a state of near-panic at the store and would start to cry because I found milk in something unexpected again. Knowing that an easy, "safe" food is out there is so important sometimes. (I practically lived on Amy's Kitchen vegan freezer meals for a month or so. It helped.)

    2. Thanks for the review! I had a feeling it would be good for what it is but not as good as home made. I have to agree that convenience foods are so helpful for transition and recreating convenience foods has been fun as a more experienced vegan!


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