Lunchopolis #53

This is a salad that requires some assembly, but it is a great concept and at some point when I perfect it you will have the recipe. It's sort of a taco salad. There is lettuce, tomato, and avocado; a dressing made of non-dairy sour cream, lime juice, and soy milk; and some of my pinto bean salad (or the improvisational version, anyway--I didn't have scallions or quite enough cilantro). To eat it, you put the beans and dressing over the top of the other and toss.

And then there are strawberries and some Justin's chocolate hazelnut spread. The internet told me this was like vegan Nutella, and it is a little bit, if Nutella were more earthy and thick and hazelnut-like and less like a frosting. It goes well with strawberries. It is wonderful stuff I would never have tried without being vegan. It's a bit pricey, but a little goes a very long way.

Incidentally, this is also gluten free! My first such lunch in a long time.


  1. This lunch looks amazing! Super fresh, healthy and colorful. Strawberries with chocolate hazelnut spread sounds like such a great snack!

  2. The salad sounds great; I'd definitely love to try it when you perfect the recipe! And yum to the strawberries & chocolate hazelnut spread!

  3. Pinto Bean Salad...Sounds great! I'll have to look into some Pinto Bean Salads! Don't know why I haven't done that yet!


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