Traveler's Lunches #12

I made a sort of composed salad here. The little elephant bottle has lemon juice in it to dress the salad (the avocado has enough fat and it kind of works). So there is lettuce there you can't really see, and tomatoes, avocado, red onion (barely visible), some Yves turkey and ham slices, orange bell pepper, cucumbers, and croutons.

Yves turkey costs more than Tofurky. It looks more like turkey and tastes good, but not really better than Tofurky and so I probably won't buy it for situations where looks don't count.


  1. Your salad looks so pretty and the elephant bottle is so cute. I love Tofurkey too, it will forever be my vegan turkey option ;)

  2. Cute Elephant Bottle! And OH MY Avocado! Yum!


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