Happy Jackson Snack Boxes #63

White rice, green bean soboro, maple-glazed seitan garnished with white sesame seeds, a grape tomato, and cauliflower in a mustard sauce garnished with black sesame seeds.

This was a pretty small meal because I had a pretty small appetite, but it turned out well. I only used one of the Happy Jackson boxes this time.

The seitan I made this week was supposed to get this treatment in the first place. The cauliflower was meant to be totally different but the recipe turned out badly so I went with Plan B: Just cover it all in an improvised mustard sauce. And with my yellow food I've managed a true color-balanced bento. I probably should have packed more rice. Live and learn!

More importantly, I learned that I can make a totally respectable seitan that has some great versatility and costs very little to prepare, and really doesn't require that much effort, either. In the battle of the vegan budget, I feel like that's a win.


  1. I'm sorry that your appetite has been low but it seems like this is a perfect small meal that would be satisfying but not too heavy or rich. The seitan looks so freaking delicious. I'm trying to be more careful about budget so making my own stuff is definitely something I'm going to be looking into!

    1. Thanks! Yes, small though it was, it seemed to have a good balance. Seitan can be disappointing if it doesn't turn out well but I definitely encourage you to try making it. It's not that difficult (even for lower energy times) and it costs significantly less than what I can buy at the store.

  2. Looks like a great meal, and yay for making your own seitan!

  3. I love all the colours in the meal!


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