Laptop Lunches #315

Toast with bread I actually managed to make this week (here's my recipe), a little cup of margarine (left lidded for the photo, sorry), some blueberries, tofu scramble tater tot casserole from Veggies Save the Day, and avocado chunks with salt and pepper.

This tofu-tater tot casserole is one I'm super glad to have in my repertoire. I've made it for omnivores who loved it, too. My bread goes really well with it, but I think this bread would go well with almost anything.


  1. Yay for making your own bread! This is still a goal of mine. This is a really great looking meal and definitely a lunch I would look forward to!

    1. I haven't made all my bread this year, but I've only purchased two loaves since the beginning of January, and that's pretty good!

  2. I need to add that casserole to my list!

  3. That's great that you got to make your own bread again! I still need to try that casserole; I already have it bookmarked from the last time you shared it, haha!


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