Review: Days Ice Cream (Ocean Grove, New Jersey)

Today's #VeganMoFo prompt is "Summer Cooler": "What do you eat or drink to keep cool in summer?" I've saved this review just for today!

As you saw earlier this week, someone from my middle America life recently came to visit and we ran off to the Jersey shore. It was a really hot day and we got into town too early to check in to our bed & breakfast, so we were wandering around a bit. On the lookout for something I could enjoy as a vegan, my companion noticed that Days Ice Cream in Ocean Grove had non-dairy options and treated me to a mini sundae (something they call a "short shot").

I got chocolate coconut milk ice cream with a walnut syrup topping. So delicious!

Days is the oldest business in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, one of my favorite beach towns. It opened in August 1876. Wilbur Day had an apprentice you might have heard of: Milton Hershey. Though I wouldn't touch Hershey's today, I did feel like I should really have something chocolate while I was at Days!

I loved this. I didn't really need the walnuts but they were wonderful with it. It's great to be able to walk into an ice cream shop in a little beach town and get a sundae.

General thoughts: This is a tiny, cute ice cream shop with a lot of non-dairy options. The staff is friendly and efficient, and the ice cream itself is fantastic. And what's not to love about ice cream at the ocean? 4.5/5


  1. Ice cream is perfect on a hot day! How wonderful that you were able to come across some! There really are more and more places with options these days.

    1. The area we were in was really full of options! I didn't expect that, really. I want to go back and try some of the places we didn't have time for.

  2. Oh wow, this sounds delicious, what a great find! The walnuts sound like such a tasty addition to the ice cream!

  3. That's great that you were able to enjoy some vegan ice cream down at the shore! The walnut syrup sounds like a perfect topping!

  4. I've never heard of Days but it looks super cute!


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