Skater Lunch Box #69

Cheesy grits (recipe over at Rabbit and Wolves) topped with sauteed mushrooms, scallions, and tomatoes; and kiwi chunks.

Kiwi is probably not the most usual pairing with grits but I enjoyed this in courses. I think sauteed mushrooms may be my favorite topping for cheesy grits! They go so well with each other.

This is a great gluten free option if you're looking for one, too.


  1. Oh yum!!! This sounds so good! I love the veggie combo you chose, I bet it's so good with those grits. I need to try this out for sure! I could totally see eating this for breakfast too!

  2. Do you get the gold kiwis over there? I love them. Not quite as acidic as the green ones. But I like the green ones too.

    1. I can get them at an Asian market near me, but I found them really disappointing when I tried them, mostly because they looked so dull--"gold" sounds nice but they're sort of beige! I don't remember the flavor being any different than an ordinary kiwi, though.

  3. Yay, more cheesy grits! That was such a good recipe, and mushrooms go so well with it!


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