Restaurant Review: Veganized (New Brunswick, New Jersey)

When the library where I work was closed for a bit between Christmas and New Year's Day, I took advantage of my time off to roam a bit. I've wanted to try Veganized in New Brunswick, New Jersey, for ages, so this was perfect for a little day trip! I had also planned on going to a vintage clothing store nearby that was, alas, mysteriously closed. But having driven all that way, I was definitely going to get my meal, at least.

This place is the fanciest vegan restaurant I've been to yet, and the prices reflect that, so be forewarned.

I'd heard the Mackin Cheeze was particularly good, so of course I ordered that!

As soon as it came, I found the smell overwhelming, and not in a good way. I can't describe it, exactly. It was kind of a boiled vegetable smell. It wasn't very appetizing, due to that, though as you can see, it was a reasonably attractive dish.

I have this theory that if you pay $20 for macaroni it had better be one heck of a dish, and unfortunately, this wasn't that. I can see, however, how the omnivores just trying out vegan food at Veganized would be impressed. It was creamy, the mushrooms were cooked perfectly, and the broccoli gave a good pop of color (even if somewhat carelessly arranged). The interior of the restaurant is absolutely beautiful, too.

This was a very rich dish, though not necessarily all that cheesy. The cashew cream was very thick, like Velveeta, but didn't have much of a cheese flavor. The bread crumb topping was also very bland; that would have been an opportunity for an infusion of flavor. I found myself looking around for salt and pepper but there were no shakers on any of the tables and the waitstaff weren't checking to see how things were, so I ended up eating it without that, but it could have used a hefty dose of black pepper. The smoked shiitake mushrooms were the best part of this dish. I could easily have eaten a whole plate of those.

General thoughts: I'm glad I finally tried this place, which is reviewed so well by locals. And I'm also glad that the people of New Brunswick appreciate this kind of food! I personally wouldn't be likely to eat here again, but it was a respectable meal, if not for the price I paid. I'd happily order it elsewhere for, say, $7--that's about what I think it was worth--if salt and pepper were available to season it a bit. If you do go here, put some hot sauce in your bag. You'll need it. 3/5


  1. Mac and cheese can be so variable at restaurants, and yet I keep on ordering it if I see it! Sounds like pricey stuff for what you got. I wonder what the smell was?

    1. I think the price is about the atmosphere. There's also a full bar downstairs, but I don't drink, so I can't be impressed by the cocktails.

  2. That's a shame that the Mackin Cheeze wasn't more impressive and flavorful, especially considering how expensive it was. The mushrooms do sound good, though!


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