Monbento Original #24 (Double Tier)

A somewhat improvisational sesame noodle salad, the last bit of the Chinese takeout-style tofu (without the broccoli since I had already eaten all the broccoli), Korean seaweed snacks, black sesame brown rice snacks, and a fruit salad of kiwi and berries with the poppy seed citrus dressing from my blueberry mango salad and hemp hearts.

It can be hard for me to get enough protein during flares, for various reasons, so I was pulling from a lot of different sources here--sesame seeds, tahini (which is also sesame seeds, I realize), broccoli (a higher-protein veggie), tofu, almonds in the seafood snacks, poppy seeds, and hemp hearts--but sometimes veganism does mean diffuse protein sources, and that's okay, I think (usual disclaimer about me not being that kind of doctor and encouraging you to talk to yours).

This sesame noodle salad was so good. I will definitely make it again! And next time it will have a bit more dressing, I think, and I will see if I can give you a recipe.

The Korean seaweed snacks and black sesame brown rice snacks were new to me. I bought them at H-Mart. The seaweed things were unlike anything I think I've ever had, but delightful--little cubes of seaweed pressed together with dried fruit and nuts--while the sesame brown rice things were reminiscent of rice crispy treats.

The poppy seed citrus dressing went really well with these fruits. The kiwi needed help; it was not really ripe and thus too tart to eat on its own under normal circumstances and unquestionably not good to eat on its own when recovering from a flare. But that bit of sweetness helped a lot.

I think this was my favorite lunch this week!


  1. I get ulcers a lot and find regular green kiwi to be too acidic, I've become a big fan of the golden kiwi. So much more mellow!
    I look forward to seeing your recipe for the sesame noodle salad.

    1. Golden kiwi is uncommon here and I think I may have only had it once. But I do really like kiwi, usually!


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