Skater Lunch Box #76

Mashed potatoes and Gardein sliced "saus'ages" on a bed of sauteed cabbage and onions.

I went home Thursday night having eaten all my tofu and without a clear plan for dinner, but remembered I had some potatoes and figured it wouldn't take too long to cook them. This is decidedly less colorful than what I ate for most of the week, but I still enjoyed it. Next time, though, I think this meal deserves some carrots or something for a bit more color, so it looks less like something out of a sad 19th century novel.


  1. This may not look colourful but it is pure comfort food heaven! Mashed potatoes is pure nectar, of course, but cabbage is an underrated vegetable in my opinion. I'm completely low brow so I would probably smother the whole lot in Bisto onion gravy :D

    1. Now that's an idea! I am definitely not opposed to shortcuts, and I have some Bisto in my cupboard.

      Yes, it is comforting. I love cabbage. I even love plain boiled cabbage with a bit of salt and pepper, and that's probably as low brow as it gets! It's sturdy, too--it lasts a really long time in the fridge. It's great for winters when we're hunkering down during snowy seasons.

  2. It looks delicious and comforting.


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