Thermos 3-Tier Bento #49

Clementines (cut to fit), saltines, and, a well overdue Pinterest recipe: creamy vegan wild rice soup from Life is Noyoke.

There was a lot I liked about this recipe, including giving me an excuse to buy wild rice when it was on sale, and it is definitely filling. It makes a LOT, though, more than I really wanted (I should have halved this recipe) and I don't think I'd describe it as "creamy" so much as "beany." There is a pretty pronounced flavor of cannellini beans. I like cannellini beans, so that's not necessarily a problem, but the name and the look suggests something...I don't know. Richer? Not to worry. I am now inspired to try my own take on veganizing this classic soup.

I know some of you read from outside my country, so out of curiosity, is wild rice available where you are? Wild rice is, from what I understand, indigenous only to the United States and China, and is more or less not eaten in China in this form. It's not really rice--it's more like a grass seed--and it's pretty distinctive. I'm pretty enthused about using more indigenous foods in my cooking, especially one apparently considered a complete protein.

In 2019, I vowed to try cooking with more ingredients that were new to my kitchen and I definitely did, though not as many as I had on my list--chia seeds, mung beans, wild rice, hemp hearts, cream of rice (look for that in a future breakfast round up), various risottos. I look forward to exploring a lot more in 2020.


  1. I love wild rice but don't cook with it nearly enough, so I'm looking forward to your further experiments with the soup!

  2. We certainly have wild rice here in Australia. At least, on the supermarket shelves. Though I am not sure where it has come from. I don't buy it often, but next time I do I should check that out.


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