Laptop Lunches #16

This did not turn out quite the way I wanted, looks-wise or taste-wise, but it was okay. It is a spinach salad with sliced yellow and red cherry tomatoes, potato salad, strawberries, honey-mustard yogurt dressing for the salad with a few carrots to fill in a hole, and some slices of a leftover baked chicken cutlet stuffed with crab stuffing. (I did not prepare the chicken. I only cooked it. It was on sale and cost less than plain chicken did.) I put way too much mustard in the potato salad, and that, combined with a very mustard-y dressing (needs much more honey to qualify as honey mustard--bleh), was just too much mustard for a girl who never was all that crazy about mustard to begin with.

Spinach salad was easier to eat with a cockatil fork than the ceasar salad I made was, perhaps because there were no croutons and spinach has more grip than romaine.

Oh, well. We go on trying.


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