Laptop Lunches #8

I am only half pleased with this. Kiwi slices, raspberries, sliced banana (lemon juice prevents browning), hummus with 40 spices, a sliced hard boiled egg, carrot sticks, celery sticks, turkey lunch meat, Laughing Cow cheese wedge, and marshmallow fruit dip.

It was way too much fruit dip, and I do try to avoid lunchmeat, but I was in quite a hurry this morning and since I woke up ravenous I knew I would need more protein. The cheese was old and inedible, actually. I was quite disappointed to open it and find that!

The recipe for the fruit dip can be found here. It's the last recipe on that page, Marshmallow Fruit Dip with Mayo. I didn't bother with the grated rinds this time, though--it's just marshmallow creme (or "fluff," here), mayo, lemon juice, and orange juice. It does marvelous things to kiwi.


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