Laptop Lunches #18

Now we're getting somewhere! It helps to find time to go to the grocery store before the produce gets picked over and you end up with a sad mess.

Snow peas and yellow tomatoes with yogurt-based ranch dipping sauce, chicken-and-crab salad on a bed of romaine, red seedless grapes, a wheel of white cheddar (I took the plastic wrapping off so you could see the red wax), and the last of the strawberries.

I made the chicken salad from the last bit of leftover chicken cultet, which means I somehow got four meals out of a single large chicken cutlet:

Lunch #1: Slices of chicken cutlet with other things (seen here)
Dinner #2: Pasta with chicken, crab, and mushrooms and a sprinkling of parmesan:

(It tasted better than it looked. Needs color; next time a bit of spinach or broccoli could help matters quite a bit.)

Dinner #3: Chicken-and-crab salad on double-fiber bread
Lunch #2: This one.

I don't know if this would please the nutritionist who wanted me to eat more protein, but throw in the cheese and the yogurt dip and maybe I come out all right. At least I somehow managed to avoid eating the same meal six times in a row.


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