Laptop Lunches #17

I tried a new recipe here. Martha Stewart again. She let me down again, too. The idea was great, but the product really left something to be desired. Link to her Cucumber, Red Onion, and Dill Salad here. The problem was that it was way too vinegar-y. I think a couple of things could help--sweating the water out of the cucumbers with some salt first, and adding a bit more sugar. I will revisit this later since I liked the concept so much.

Other than the salad, I had plain water crackers, strawberries, a wheel of mini-Babybell white cheddar, some mixed nuts and dried cranberries, and spinach-artichoke hummus in a silicone cup. It was a little boring in some ways (my love affair with strawberries is waning this week), but it served my purposes.


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