Laptop Lunches #9

Leftover pizza, fruit dip in jar, celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, yogurt-based ranch dressing in cup, orange slices, and raspberries.

Pizza is a graduate student staple, of course, alongside the noble ramen and Chinese takeout, but I generally try to avoid it. Never go to the grocery store hungry. As virtuous as you are in buying fish filets and cottage cheese, the freezer section will still call to you, and you'll end up eating pepperoni pizza with a cheese stuffed crust. Maybe it all balances out in the end. Who knows?

Today's lesson: while fruit dip in a jar is a good plan, as it seals and it also is not as huge as the silicone baking cups (note to self: need to buy mini silicone baking cups), it has the potential to leak just slightly, and as such, should not be put into the same container as celery sticks. Fruit dip does wonderful things for raspberries; it does nothing good for celery.


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