Laptop Lunches #19

I must have taken a zillion pictures of this but it never photographed properly. This is the best I've got:
I guess that will have to do.

Jicama sticks, baby carrots, olive hummus, cottage cheese with a scallion-tomato flower, garlic and herb water crackers, and Waldorf salad.

I haven't been cooking in the evenings so I had no leftover meat, hence the cottage cheese. But when I put it all in there, it looked beige and the textures didn't have enough contrast. So I made a tomato flower. I should have taken pictures of this process. If I ever choose to make another tomato flower, I will give you a tomato flower tutorial. They're really easy. If I had it to do all over again, I would just do the blossom of the flower and do three of them. I don't really like scallion in my cottage cheese.

As for Waldorf salad, it always makes me laugh. Rather than give you a boring recipe, I will give you this. "We're fresh out of Waldorfs," of course. You'll never forget how to make it after this! And maybe, like me, you'll repeat to yourself with the same emphatic tone, "Apples! Celery! Walnuts! Grapes! In mayonnaise!"



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