Laptop Lunches #215

Uttapam, aloo gobi (cauliflower and potato curry), half a tangerine with the seeds removed, some red grapes, coconut chutney (for the uttapam), and a few squares of chocolate.

This came very close to being vegan as well as gluten free; the chocolate squares, however, have dairy. But since you can get vegan chocolate, I've tagged this vegan, too.

Uttapam is a kind of Indian pizza-like thing with a rice crust. This one had onion and cilantro on top, and went with the coconut chutney really well.

This was my second time making aloo gobi. It still isn't as good as my Indian friend's, but I'm making progress! I think I put in way too much spicy curry powder this time, on top of jalapeno. It wasn't so spicy that I couldn't eat it, but one definitely noticed. (And I was told that the smell of it was kind of strong in the break room, so maybe I shouldn't be taking such things to work.)

Oh, well.


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