Laptop Lunches #224

Shrimp gyoza with a few bottles of soy sauce, apple slices, vegetable fried rice, dried mango snacks, and half a Marzipan bar from lyktabento.

I really should have only packed one bottle of soy sauce--I didn't need that much! But the bottles seemed so tiny, and I also couldn't decide between the frog and the chick. (Part of me denies being drawn in by the cutesy nature of such things, but I have to admit, anything that makes me smile as I am blearily pulling lunch together in the morning or when I open the box at lunchtime seems worth it, even if it's silly.)

The Marzipan bar, as its name suggests, was filled with almond paste. It wasn't too sweet, and I liked it. Another Swedish success!

I also tried the canned fish balls she sent. You won't be seeing a photo of those. The flavor was nice, but (I think because they were canned) the texture was a little strange, very soft. I like the idea of fish balls in dill sauce, and I wonder if I could make something more appealing if I started with a recipe instead of a can. I'm really glad I got to try them, though!

In any case, it wasn't something I was inclined to bring as leftovers for lunch, so I just made the leftover rice and vegetables I had made to go with the fish balls into fried rice and pulled some gyoza out of the freezer to serve alongside it.


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