Tamari Rabbit 2-Tier Bento #8

Beef shumai, a couple of bottles of soy sauce/rice vinegar blend, some cucumbers tossed in the remainder of said blend with some sesame seeds mixed in, and blood orange slices.

I didn't realize this was a blood orange until I sliced it open. That one was quite the surprise!


  1. The colour of that blood orange is gorgeous!
    You seem to be using this Bento box quite a lot recently, it really looks like a good size and such. Was just wondering if it came with a leakproof inner lid?

    1. I have been using it a lot--it really is a great size! It does have an inner lid, but I haven't fully tested it for leaks. I tend to carry my boxes right side up, mostly--it's rare if it gets tipped more than 45 degrees or so--and I wouldn't trust it for soup.


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