ECO Lunchbox Three-in-One #1

Oven omelet with spinach, mushroom, and tomato; some more chocolates from that wonderful chocolate shop; and leftover orange oatmeal with chopped strawberries macerated in brown sugar.

I'm not super great at a folded omelet yet, but this kind is prettier anyway: just pour the eggs in over the veggies you've arranged, cook a bit, then put into a preheated oven to cook on top.

I personally don't mind room temperature oatmeal, so this is fine for me. It might not work out as well for someone else. I'm trying to get away from oatmeal packets, which are expensive and have more waste than I like to generate, so I'm experimenting with different things. The orange oatmeal is a recipe from Taste of Home Cooking for One or Two. It's a little unusual, and actually seems to taste better once you let it get cold, but it needs a little help. Hence the strawberries.

Apparently our too-cold winter delayed the farmers, so things could get interesting as I deal with grocery dregs for the rest of the week!

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