New Lunch Boxes!

I went out with a friend for lunch today, so no lunch to show you. But the lunchtime grind continues on Monday! In the meantime, I want to share a bit about some of my recent adventures.

I was on the road last weekend and passed a Container Store, so I stopped. If you have a weakness for containers of any kind--including lunch boxes--be warned! The Container Store is really something else. (And they're not paying me to say that. Or giving me lunch boxes. Or anything.) I bought a few new lunch boxes, which you'll be seeing soon.

The first one is the ECOLunchbox Three-in-One.
(Photo from the Container Store catalog.) This one is sort of like a rectangular tiffin with two tiers and a little metal rectangular cup that nests inside. I'm afraid I was drawn in by the shininess or something.
The other one is the Skater Lunch Box No. 2.
(These are the three colors they come in. I didn't buy three!)

It's basically a one-tier, undivided bento box with a silicone lid that houses a fork. You can microwave the base and the silicone lid, which could come in handy.

I'll be excited to try them and report back on how they work out.


  1. Great new lunchboxes! Looking forward to see how you will use them :-)


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