Temari Rabbit Bento Bowl #3

Some decaf tea, a mini raspberry Bundt cake, scrambled eggs, maple sausage patties, and halved cherry tomatoes. (Breakfast for lunch.)

Mostly, I packed this because I had to make something out of the berries going south in my fridge, and I didn't know when else I would eat the raspberry cake. The recipe came from America's Test Kitchen Cooking for Two 2011. I'm pretty bummed that those cookbooks don't come out every year anymore! These taste pretty much like a raspberry muffin, and if I were to make them again, I'd likely make muffins instead. Still:

Isn't it beautiful? And I figure that between the berries and dairy in the cake and whatnot, I still ended up with fruit, grains, protein, dairy and veggies (tomatoes count nutritionally as veggies), so breakfast for lunch isn't a terrible idea. I just wouldn't dream of doing it every single day...except that I'm not sure what else to do with those blueberries...


The tea is decaf Earl Grey from the Eastern Shore Tea Company, so local (ish) for me. I really like their stuff, but their decaf teas make me wonder sometimes, because I can't drink them in the afternoon or at night or I'll have trouble sleeping. I know all decaffeinated things have trace amounts, which I can usually handle, but being a no-caffeine person, even small amounts have a profound effect on me.


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