Laptop Lunches #255

The dregs of the very last bit of baby carrots in the bag, sliced cucumber, a halved cherry tomato, a mini yellow bell pepper stuffed with hummus for dipping, a stuffed egg (dill mix), applesauce marbled with cranberry-orange relish, and a square of blueberry almond coffee cake.

The cake recipe is from America's Test Kitchen Cooking for Two 2010. It's a very easy sour cream cake that tastes not-so-easy, although it needs to be eaten within a day or so or it gets stale. This entire lunch reflects rebellion against the grocery store, but it actually turned out very well. Plus, it meant I didn't have to throw out my blueberries once they got slightly softer than I like them. I actually never warmed up a whole lot to blueberries. I'm still trying to make myself take more interest in them. I pretty much never had them until adulthood. But experience has taught me that exposure helps, so here: exposure.

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