Skater Lunch Box #1

Long grain rice, asparagus spears, beef stroganoff, grapes, and a sea salt truffle.

This box does not photograph easily, incidentally--maybe because it's white, or because it's oblong, or something.

I love beef stroganoff. I love the way it feels to cut the beef and the mushrooms, I love the way it smells when it cooks, and I love the way it changes color when you add the sour cream. Of course, the way it tastes is nice, too.

I am also happy to report that you can, indeed, just unbundle the asparagus at the store and only buy 8 spears if that is what you want; however, having done this, I now think it may make more sense to buy the already-prepped baggies of asparagus tips. I honestly think it would be cheaper!


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