Insulated Jar & Sides #42

Some candy my vegan British friends sent to me (Ruffles chocolate, some fruit-shaped marzipan, and black currant flavored Millions in the little cup), baked beans I improved a bit with sauteed bell pepper and onion, and some of my Japanese potato salad.

I really like how adding some veggies elevates canned baked beans! It's a dramatic difference. I think basically anything you can do to doctor up something in a can seems to make it seem less boring.

People keep suggesting I give up gluten (which is annoying, really--I mean, if you had a random rare disease that ravaged you, wouldn't you have researched things that will help?) and honestly I have thought I could cut back a bit, even though there has never been anything I've read that suggested gluten has anything to do with myasthenia gravis. I do have signs of something else being wrong and I thought it could be worth a shot. It doesn't seem to make any difference if I do or I don't have gluten, but this is a gluten free meal, for what that's worth. (Not that much to me, it turns out, but hey.)

Although I'd like to have things that help, I'm also glad to have gluten.

On a happier note, I am also glad to have friends who periodically send me British candy. I love Millions. I expected them to be crunchy, like Nerds, but they're chewy instead. Ruffles are a kind of raspberry-coconut filled dark chocolate that I think is better in bar form but is still really nice as a kind of truffle. And marzipan and I get along great in any form.


  1. Isn't unsolicited medical advice the best? And I love how going gluten free is now a cure all as well. In any case, your meal looks really delicious and I love that you have awesome friends that send delicious looking vegan treats! I really like marzipan too and the little shaped ones are so cute. I also agree that doctoring up foods from a can really make a huge difference in making something quick and easy taste a little more fresh and delicious :)

    1. The world is full of unsolicited advice. People have anxiety about this themselves, I think, and if only it was that simple then maybe they don't have to fear their own bodies will turn on them. At least that's what I think part of this is.

  2. Gluten seems to be the cause of every problem in the world ever!
    Getting treats from friends in other countries is always so much fun. :)

    1. It is! And maybe we should organize a swap sometime, though I fear the cost of mailing anything to Australia (and vice versa). The cost of mailing stuff to England is frightening enough. But ironically, a lot of the vegan candy that is sold near me is imported from Australia. Go figure!

  3. Sometimes i feel like the only person who still eats gluten..! Glad for your sake it’s not necessary to give up. What a treat to get british candies! I haven’t heard of those candies before, they sound really delicious.
    Great idea to doctor up the baked beans- i always doctor up pasta sauce with some sautéed onions and garlic and veggies, it makes such s difference!


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