Skater Lunch Box #52

The vegan crab cakes from the recipe at Vegan Huggs over a basic rice pilaf (the version I usually use when I want something simple, veganized from Cookery for 1 or 2), tomatoes and cucumbers, and some homemade tartar sauce in the little panda cup.

I'm glad I gave hearts of palm another chance. They were not my favorite thing in the "tuna" salad I attempted some time ago, but here, seasoned well, they were delightfully fishy (in a good way), and the chickpeas kept things balanced. I'd happily make this recipe again, though next time I think I'll bake them--I'm trying to minimize effort these days.


  1. OMG that panda cup is too adorable! Your crab less cakes look so delicious and tomato cucumber salad is a simple but delicious side. Baking them is a great idea, I'm sure they'll be just as delicious!

    1. Well, they'll probably be good but just as delicious is asking a lot in competition with anything fried, even if it is just pan fried. I am entirely too fond of fried food.

    2. Haha true, fried food is so good! I'm terrified of frying at home and when I pan fried my latkes around Hanukkah I was freaking out, ha!


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