Lunchopolis #65

A sandwich made from toast, Sweet Earth's Harmless Ham, cucumber slices, and some white bean hummus I made; more of the Japanese potato salad I made earlier this week; orange slices; and more vegan candy from England (Golden Crunch cinder toffee and Kendal Mint Cake).

I used this recipe as a guide to the hummus. I thought the dijon mustard suggested on that site sounded intriguing so I put some in--and it was really good with the cucumbers and veggie ham.

Though the toffee was excellent (and surprisingly soft!) the mint cake was a revelation. I love the idea of a candy bar that isn't chocolate. Hershey's came out with their Gold bar after I went vegan so I'll never know what it is like. I used to love the Zagnut bar, but it isn't vegan either. So this minty candy bar without any chocolate at all was extra fun!


  1. Oooooh!!! Those British vegan treats keep getting better and better! I'm jealous, I need to get my hands on some delicious international vegan treats. The sandwich looks great too. I'm not a mayo or mustard fan so I use hummus as a sandwich spread often and it's delicious!

    1. There are some great British things that are commonly sold in the US, like Green & Black's chocolate, but it's true--it's nice to get the more unusual ones.

      I'm new to putting hummus on sandwiches but it's pretty nice.

  2. This looks like such a great lunch! Potato salad and a sandwich, perfect. I like the idea of adding mustard to hummus.


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