Temari Rabbit 2-Tier Bento #110

Multigrain crackers, olive tapenade, some diced tomatoes, dolmas, and hummus I made and garnished with everything bagel seasoning and scallions.

I avoid grocery shopping in the winter, sometimes longer than I should. But this time of year, I also like to eat up the stuff I've bought and haven't managed to get to yet. These dolmas were a Trader Joe's purchase from who knows when (don't worry, they were still not past the date on the can). I did feel vaguely skeptical about eating dolmas from a can but I also don't know much about how dolmas are usually prepared. They were good! Not the absolute best version I've ever eaten but good and definitely cheaper than buying at a restaurant.

When I make hummus now, I feel really silly about having bought it so much in my life, given how easy it is to do, and how much better I like it when I make it than when I buy it. Everything bagel seasoning is good with basic hummus. I highly recommend it.


  1. Dolmas are one of my favorite foods ever and I love seeing them in your bento! The dolmas in the can aren't the best but the Trader Joe's ones are pretty good and not super oily like some other ones I've had. The hummus sounds incredible and the seasoning is such a great addition!

  2. I kind of love those canned dolmas from trader joe’s! I like them best chilled with a squeeze of fresh lemon ontop which makes a world of difference.
    And I’m with you on making hummus, I actually buy my tahini for it at TJs as well. Everything seasoning is literally good on Everything i swear.

  3. I had some dolmades recently out a tin (not from Trader Joes because that doesn't exist here), and they were so good! I was surprised. I want more.


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