Laptop Lunches #309

Tofu scramble with veggies, some toast triangles, a hash brown patty, and tomato slices.

I'm still not fully adept at the tofu scramble--I find most of my initial efforts bland, and this ended up benefiting tremendously from the ketchup packets I found in the break room at work--but I'm getting better at it. How do you do a tofu scramble, if you make them?


  1. Oooh this is such a great meal! I love breakfast any time of day so this makes me happy :) I love what I put in tofu scrambles (9 times out of 10 I'll make it with tons of spinach and some fresh tomato, salt, pepper and garlic) but I find it really dry. I don't know what restaurants do to get the consistency they tend to get. A friend of mine once said she adds like a tablespoon of tofutti cream cheese to it and it makes it nice and creamy. Although ketchup sounds like it would be perfect on there or maybe hot sauce if you like a little heat. I bet some Everything but the Bagel seasoning would be tasty on there too! Maybe some onion powder?

    1. Also, when you get a chance can you e-mail me? I had a question for you :) longislandnerd at gmail dot com. Sorry I have to write it like that or I'll get a ton of spam! Thanks!

    2. I sent an email. Thanks for giving me your address, however written!

      I suspect, from what I have read, that medium firm tofu would make a better scramble than firm or extra firm, but my local stores don't seem to sell it anymore. There is a Korean market the next town over (not a chain) that may have some. Next time I go over there, if they do have it, I will need to stock up on medium firm tofu!

      I'll keep experimenting.

  2. I use firm tofu for scramble, the medium has a lot of water that needs to be cooked out. I add a ton of nutritional yeast, plenty of salt and pepper. Usually i start with sautéed onion and garlic, then add in mushrooms and let them cook a bit before adding tofu in. Last few min i add spinach or whatever greens.
    The mushrooms and veg help keep the scramble from getting too dry. And ketchup on tofu scramble is delicious so do that anyways.


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