Happy Jackson Snack Boxes #70

Pine nut couscous (from a mix), some British candy friends sent me (Pear Drops, I think), applesauce, Gardein Italian Saus'age slices, and french cut green beans (from my freezer).

At this point I was just trying to put together something that resembled a remotely balanced meal. I had so little appetite I only ate about half of this. But I do appreciate my care, when I am able to go to shopping, to try to buy enough easy stuff to keep on hand to make meals when I'm really ill and can't get to the store. It wasn't bad. I just wasn't hungry. I did my best to take care of myself, and I'll keep trying.


  1. I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling well and that you've lost your appetite. It's such a struggle to remain that balance but the meal looks great, you'd never know you were not feeling well when you made it. I hep that you find some relief soon <3

    1. Thanks, Sarah. I don't know why I have so little interest in food--hot weather?--but it's super tough to care about it right now.


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