Monbento Square #2 (Double Tier)

Salad again: A bagged mixture of butter and romaine lettuces, cucumber slices, grape tomatoes, carrot shreds, red onion, shredded vegan Parmesan, Bac'n pieces, creamy Italian dressing (I mixed regular bottled Italian with Vegenaise--it's one of my favorite low-effort creamy dressings), a burrito I made, and cherries.

I have been having such lettuce cravings after that long slog through my pantry. I pretty much never eat salad as often as I have been but it's hot and it seems to be what I want. An Italian-style salad may not really go with a burrito but we can break all the rules if we want. I feel like this giant box encourages me to focus on salad; I would rarely pack both tiers of the Monbento Square but today it made sense.

Meanwhile, I am getting much better at rolling burritos. This may be my best work yet. The filling here is very simple--homemade Spanish rice, pinto beans, tofu sour cream, and black olives--but also really satisfying.


  1. Your burrito looks perfectly rolled!
    You have just blown my mind with that creamy dressing hack. I often find bottled vinaigrette dressings a bit too acidic for my stomach, but we normally have a bottle of balsamic or italian dressing in the fridge. And I always have vegenaise. How have I never thought to combine them?

    1. I hope it works for you! I sometimes find the flavor of the bottled dressings too acidic for me, too.

  2. Oooh this looks amazing! I never thought to make a burrito to bring with me but I think I need to give it a try! I know what you mean about the veggie cravings, it's so hot I'm sure the extra hydration from fresh produce is needed as well! The burrito is indeed rolled perfectly and the box looks so beautiful! What a great combo!


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