Monbento Original #2 (Double Tier)

A veggie ham wrap (Yves veggie ham--which is lovely), nectarine slices, grape tomatoes, baby carrots, bell pepper strips, and vegan tzatziki for dipping.

I used this recipe as the basis for my tzatziki, but I left out the chickpea flour roux because when I made it last time that made it way too thick. Also, I used dill instead of mint, because I am me, and discovered at the last minute I had no garlic, so I had to use garlic powder instead. But it was a good dip!


  1. This is my dream bento, ha! The wrap looks delicious and with all of the fresh produce on the side, it's perfect! I miss tzatziki, I need to check out that recipe, it has been way too long. And I would totally use dill too!

    1. I never ate a whole lot of tzatziki, but it tastes pretty much as I remember it. I imagine you could also make it with a vegan yogurt, but most vegan yogurt seems ridiculously expensive to me.

  2. I love all the colours in this bento! Dill is always a solid choice over mint, I am also me in that regard. ;)


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