Monbento Original #17 (Double Tier)

An improvisational casserole, croutons, Bac'n Bits, Italian dressing, and salad of lettuce and cucumber.

After a month of no real grocery shopping, I was a bit afraid to face my regular supermarket, so I braved Target's small grocery section instead. They did not have my favorite boxed vegan macaroni (Annie's vegan macaroni in a creamy sauce) but they did have the same brand's cheddar-style vegan macaroni, so I made that for dinner when I got home from the store.

To supplement the leftovers, I made a casserole with beefless crumbles, peas, canned tomatoes, and sauteed onions, and topped the whole thing with bread crumbs and shredded Violife Parmesan (because that was the cheese I had). It, plus the bagged lettuce and bit of cucumber I'd bought from the meager produce section at Target, made me feel I was eating somewhat less of a processed meal than I had been. I mean, there is plenty of processed food here. It just didn't feel that way.

And sometimes, what you feel is significant!


  1. It looks lovely and colourful!

  2. Looks like a great lunch, especially the casserole, yum! I love the idea of topping it with vegan parm!


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