Monbento Original #18 (Double Tier)

Yam pancake from the freezer, a simple soy sauce-based dipping sauce (which is the same color as the black container, so it's not visible), pieces of mini dill pickle wrapped in Tofurky slices, shredded carrots dressed in Vegenaise with salt and pepper, edamame, and maple-flavored Oreos.

This is what happens when you don't go to a real grocery store for a month and are trying to use up your odds and ends before you brave the giant stock up. But it's pretty! And somehow satisfying, nonetheless.

Around this time, I got my own car back, finally, with a mostly-okay repair job, and some things began to return to normal.


  1. I am very intrigued by the pickles wrapped in Tofurky, and the maple Oreos sound lovely!

    1. It's a trick I took from the days I used to read bento blogs religiously. It's not that uncommon in Japanese bentos to have a pickle or carrot or other veggie wrapped in deli meat and sliced. It adds a nice contrast of color and textures.

      Maple Oreos are okay, but they're nothing like the maple cream cookies omnivore me used to eat. I wish I could find some more distinctly maple-y!

  2. That looks pretty awesome to me.
    I too was entranced by the Tofurky wrapped pickles, I am going to have to do that. It sounds so yummy.


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