Skater Lunch Box #75

I had some quinoa with fruit and veggies leftover from stuffing some acorn squash (you'll see that soon), so I put that together with some asparagus, tomatoes, and a Don't Be Chicken cutlet.

This is going to sound very cheesy, but I've learned to be grateful for the departure of Beyond Chicken, which forced me to try some new-to-me things. The Wegmans Don't Be Chicken cutlet is, hands down, the best non-breaded vegan chicken cutlet I've yet had. You can chop them up to put them in soup or make chicken salad, too. And unlike Beyond Chicken, you can serve a whole one, like this, and it's pretty as well as tasty!

Don't get me wrong. I miss Beyond Chicken. It was like dark meat, and this is definitely like white meat. But this is a great chicken substitute.

(This is not a paid endorsement.)


  1. I am glad that you have found something else that you can enjoy!


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