Monbento Square #12 (Single Tier)

White rice, curried red beans and vegetables, cherry tomatoes sauteed with onions, and my cucumber salad with spicy Asian dressing.

I needed to pull together a meal with the last of my depleted pantry stash and the Target produce I had, so this was it. I got the idea for curried red beans from this Just Bento recipe, although I had to leave some things I didn't have out and substitute for some things. I used small red beans instead of kidney beans and had no bell pepper. I didn't add extra spice, just the curry powder, and it was still kind of hot for me, so probably I shouldn't have paired it with a spicy cucumber salad. But! I cooked, kind of, and I got myself through a rough patch.

I felt genuinely proud of this humble meal, and for finding the will and reserves to take care of myself. Curried beans are kind of a revelation, too. I want to experiment with them a bit more.


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