Sequestration Meal #292


I haven't had much of an appetite recently, and I've struggled to motivate myself to eat at times. But we've all got to keep going, so here's one of my better efforts of the past few weeks: The last of my Gardein fishless filets and some citrus asparagus couscous (roughly adapted and veganized from this omnivore recipe). I didn't have fresh herbs, and I think that would make a big difference here, but it was still tasty. I think I would have wanted to have cooked the asparagus more so next time I might simmer the asparagus lengths in the broth for a minute or so before adding the couscous, but if you like your asparagus crunchy, then just let them steam for the five minutes off heat like the recipe directs.

I chose this because it was quick and easy, though even quick and easy things seem daunting at times, don't they? You'll generate dishes to wash, for example. Not enough food bloggers account for the aftermath of easy recipes. That may be the reason why sometimes even a really quick meal seems too hard. I'm glad I made this, though. One foot in front of the other until strength returns and we can run again, right?


  1. I hear you - dishes can be exhausting! why bother?

    and yet baby steps do matter and count.
    one step/breathe at a time.


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