Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ding-Dong, the Camera's Dead

I've been packing my lunch. I've even been photographing it. But my camera won't communicate with my computer. I need a new one, but I've been quite busy and am trying to be budget-conscious, so I'm waiting on a paycheck first. So there may be a bunch of posts next week. Who knows.

This is super frustrating, but I hope you'll bear with me.


  1. No flippin' way! My camera's lens broke on Wednesday, so I can take photos in manual mode, but they're blurry. It just whirs sadly when I flip back to Autofocus happiness. Being budget-conscious myself, and having just got paid, I lurked around on eBay and found a new lens. 7-14 business days to go!

    1. SO FRUSTRATING! I haven't managed to do any shopping of that sort, and I've had so much going on! I'm optimistic about getting something soon, but I realize it's going to be a lot later than I'd first hoped. What a mess.