Lunchopolis #58

My Asian romaine salad with sesame dressing, some vegetable dumplings, a little bottle of soy sauce, and raspberries.

I was apparently out of sliced almonds, which I didn't know when I started making this salad. I threw in chopped almonds instead, which worked out fine--it's not as pretty as sliced almonds, but you can't have everything.

These triangular vegetable dumplings were an H-Mart purchase from the freezer section. Unlike many of these types of dumplings, they have tofu in them, which was pretty exciting!


  1. The tiny soy sauce container is so cute, and the vegetable dumplings sound great!

  2. Omg that soy sauce container!! How adorable! This looks delicious, a perfect combination. Dumplings sound so good right now, H-Mart has the best stuff.

    1. The little soy sauce bottles can be a bit of a pain to fill, but it doesn't really matter because I love them.

  3. Nice find on the tofu dumplings! I was actually at H mart yesterday :)) I definitely came home with some rice cakes, lots of tofu (i love the super silken soondubu tofu tubes for soup) and restocked my dry noodles and seaweed snacks!


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