Thermos 3-Tier Bento #18

Vegan tacos: tortillas, seasoned Gardein crumbles, some Daiya cheddar, Mexican rice, lettuce, tomato salsa, red onion, olives, and non-dairy sour cream.

I did not make this. An amazing friend had us all over and, although she is a vegetarian and not a vegan, provided some great vegan options and sent me a message telling me to bring containers. I added the Daiya and the non-dairy sour cream. All the rest was her doing, and it was great--I'd not tried the Gardein crumbles because it seemed like TVP would do the job but I may be slowly being convinced that it might be worth the price, sometimes, to buy crumbles.


  1. I love friend provided left overs!
    I love TVP, though sometimes I do branch out and try some vegan crumbles. Though Gardein is very expensive here (yay living on the other side of the world). But they are fun to play with sometimes!

  2. Such a great lunch idea! I am not such a fan of meatless crumbles so i make big batches of a lentil/mushroom/walnut taco meat crumble -basically those three cooked together with a packet called “taco seasoning”! Haha, super easy/lazy and fast. Just have to use lentils that keep their shape like green or black ones.
    The heart shaped condiment cups are too cute!

  3. Aww that's amazing that your friend had some great options for you! The bend looks so beautiful and I agree, the heart shaped cups are too cute!

  4. How nice of your friend; looks like a great lunch!


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