Thermos 3-Tier Bento #19

Garlic toast, applesauce, and my attempt at Vegan Sandra's vegetable and dumpling soup.

I didn't make the soup precisely as written--I added celery and peas--plus I halved it. But like several who tried it, my dumplings didn't hold up. They dissolved into the soup. They definitely thickened it up and the flavors were fantastic, but when I make this again I'll make the dumpling batter with a lot less water, or I'll give up on being authentically Estonian and just make my usual Bisquick dumplings.


  1. Aww that's so disappointing about the dumplings! It does look good anyway but I would definitely be bummed out if my dumplings dissolved. Hopefully it works out next time!

  2. The garlic toast sounds fun and simple! Too bad about the dumplings, though the soup still sounds amazing! Good luck when you try it again!

  3. Oh man, bisquick dumplings taste like my childhood! I swear there was a box in the pantry at all times.
    The soup instructions to add the dumplings to boiling soup is the problem- bad idea because yeah they fall apart! Has to be at a gentle simmer, not boiling.


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