Skater Lunch Box #60

Orange slices and a successful experiment: peanut rice with tofu and vegetables. This was essentially just peanut noodles but with rice instead because I didn't feel like having noodles. I added a black sesame seed garnish and it was delightful.


  1. What a fantastic idea! Chilled sesame peanut noodles are my favorite cold pasta ever, and obviously anything with peanut buttery sauce is genius.

  2. Peanut sauce is amazing, pasta, rice, no matter what. Thislooks like a lovely lunch.

  3. I LOVE the idea of peanut rice!! Other than my soups I rarely want noodles or pasta so this sounds like such a great way to enjoy a peanut sauce type of meal. It looks amazing and the orange is a perfect pairing.

    Ugh I'm sorry that you deal with TMJ too. Have you seen a rheumatologist as well? I know that you have a neurologist but I'm wondering if a rheumatologist can help find the root of the pain? I know your trust in Drs is probably very low at this point (and I don't blame you, you've had some terrible experiences!) but maybe a good rheumatologist can help if you haven't already seen one?

  4. Peanut rice is the best, though I've never added black sesame seeds to it, so I'll have to try that sometime!


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