Skater Lunch Box #61

Blackened tofu and cheesy grits (recipe by Rabbits and Wolves) and more of my cranberry-pistachio energy balls.

I packed so many energy balls in case I couldn't eat the rest, but it turned out I was fine with the tofu and grits (I had left the cayenne out of the tofu recipe). The tofu itself was okay, but the grits were amazing and I will definitely be having those cheesy grits again. I'll just have to remind myself what I used to have with grits--bacon, I think? What would you eat with cheesy grits?


  1. Oooh the cheesy grits sound awesome!! I would probably have broccoli or cauliflower with the cheesy grits just because I love those veggies with anything cheesy. The energy balls look so so good but I'm glad you were able to eat the rest!

  2. I'll have to try those cheesy grits sometime! I agree with Sarah that broccoli would be a good pairing, and I might add shiitake bacon, too, since it's been forever since I've made it!

  3. Cheesy grits are not something I was familiar with before exploring US cookbooks. But I made one where it was topped with mushrooms and greens, which was nice. Or broccoli and slices of vegan sausage.


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