Thermos 3-Tier Bento #36

Half an avocado, an improvisational rice and beans dish, and a tortilla.

It was hard for me to decide whether this rice dish was more Tex Mex or more Indian in inspiration. It had basmati rice, pinto beans, bell pepper, onion, turmeric, and cumin. It didn't really matter what it was, though, because it was tasty!

You won't see lunch tomorrow because I'll be eating what will be provided at work, but I'll have something for you on Friday.


  1. Oooooh that avocado is PERFECT! The rice dish looks really yummy and I bet it was perfect with the avocado too.

  2. Fusion! It looks lovely, and I agree - a perfect avocado!
    Hope they feed you well at work.

  3. It definitely sounds like some tasty rice, whatever it was!


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