A Review of New Things I Tried #4 (Sweet Edition)

Trying new things is a way of avoiding the reality that there are a lot of beloved things I can't eat at all right now. So here's another round up of new-to-me things! All of these are sweet things; I guess I had a craving for sugar. This is not sponsored; when I become famous enough for people to send me random food to review I'll let you know.

1. Magnum Non-Dairy Almond Bars

It had been ages since I had an ice cream bar. I generally think they're too expensive. But this box of ice cream bars went on sale at the one grocery store that will deliver to me, and I decided $4 wasn't horrible for this treat. I am so glad I indulged! These are actually pretty big bars. I wasn't expecting that. The coating has a way of chipping and falling into my lap, which is annoying, but I can't complain about anything else. At one bar per day for three days, I have long since eaten this entire box.

2. Lemon Oreos

Remember when Oreos were just Oreos? Then they became every flavor under the sun and I couldn't hope to get through them all. I suspect the best Oreos will probably always be the original, but these lemon ones were fun to try. They aren't all that lemony, but they're nice to dunk in a cup of tea.

3. Amy's Dreamy Bar

After the experience I had with Amy's Sunny candy bar, I was really excited to try the Dreamy one! It did not disappoint. I didn't like it as much as the Sunny bar but that's partly because I like to have something with some crunch in my candy bars. This was really good. It seemed to have a layer of caramel, somehow. I'm pretty sure this was supposed to be like a Milky Way.


  1. We get the Magnums here too, in plain and in almond. I definitely prefer the almond ones! There is coconut oil in the chocolate, but with the almond in it it breaks it up for me.

  2. The ice cream bars sound like such a nice treat! And those lemon Oreos look fun!

    1. I really wish they had a stronger lemon flavor, but they were nice.


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